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TRF-3 enables electronic petitioning in physical records


Resolution Nº 400/2021

The Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region (TRF-3) instituted the petition through an electronic form in the records that are still being processed in physical support and have not been converted to the PJe. Resolution Nº. 400/2021 stipulates the rules for sending files, parameters for counting procedural deadlines and the precautions that need to be taken in order for the document to be effectively received by the Court.


The protocol in this modality is limited to 3 MB, without the possibility of forwarding sound and image files, with the petitioner’s responsibility for the quality and fidelity of the transmitted file, as well as correct completion of the form fields, under penalty of the petition being considered non-existent and later discarded by the processing unit.


The date of filling and sending the electronic form, accompanied by the respective documents, will be considered for the purposes of counting the term, allowing the petitioner to request the processing court to convert the physical records to the PJe system. In addition, the protocol must occur physically in the event that any impediments to the completion of the electronic form occur.


This is an initiative that makes jurisdictional provision feasible, considerably reducing the need to travel to the judicial units. In addition to the initiatives of the National Council of Justice (CNJ), such as 100% digital court, Virtual Counter, digital compliance with procedural acts and court orders, among others.


It is important to highlight, in this sense, a survey by the CNJ, in May 2020, stating that 73% of the procedural collection of the Judiciary Branch is electronic, and 81% of the courts are already dealing with 100% of the proceedings in progress in electronic form. Indicators that corroborate the technological transformation that is going through the national justice system, pointing to digital as a rule.


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