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OAB/CE and the HUB of Green Hydrogen (H2V)

Hub Verde

Ceará has been a pioneer when it comes to Green Hydrogen (H2V) in Brazil.

This year, the country’s first H2V molecule was produced in the state and, also in 2023, the Special Commission for Green Hydrogen Studies was created in Ceará, the first in Brazil.

For José Amaury Gomes, our associate lawyer and chairman of the commission, it is important to create a national regulatory legal framework in order to provide legal certainty for investors. He wrote details about the H2V HUB in Ceará for O Diário do Nordeste. Click here to read the full article.

( https://diariodonordeste.verdesmares.com.br/opiniao/colaboradores/oabce-e-o-hub-do-hidrogenio-verde-h2v-1.3366856 )

In keeping with the vanguard in Ceará, RMS Advogados has an area specializing in Environmental Law, focusing not only on this, but on various energy sources that will have a positive impact on the national socio-economic scenario.


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