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11/08 – Day of lawyers


RMS congratulates all lawyers and lawyers for this very noble profession.

Today is the historic date on which the first two law courses were created in Brazil, in the cities of São Paulo and Olinda. The Law of August 11, 1827 [i] created the “Courses of Legal Sciences and Associations” with a duration equivalent to five years and nine disciplines, granting those who passed the bachelor’s degree.

The current scenario, however, is not just about victories. The advocacy faces attitudes that seek to discredit this essential function to justice, trying to remove the credibility of the exercise of this public munún, which, first of all, intends to guarantee indiscriminately to all citizens the effectiveness of the broad defense, the contradictory and the due legal process , supports of the democratic political regime.

On other fronts, there is a progressive growth in the number of courses, together with attempts to transfer the learning of soft skills, analytical capacity to solve problems and creativity exclusively to the electronic environment, or even to reduce the complexity inherent to advocacy practice for technical modalities.

These are some of the challenges before which the Brazilian Bar Association has shown a strong and combative role in the uncompromising defense of professional prerogatives, which are not characterized as rights of lawyers, but rights of the constituents to receive a fair and assertive defense of their best interests. .

It is opportune, therefore, to remember on this date the valuable lesson of Ruy Barbosa, according to which advocacy is the “voice of law in the midst of public passion”, with “the sacred mission of not allowing indignation to degenerate into ferocity and legal atonement in cruel extermination ”. Thus, the lawyer “working because one of these guarantees of legality does not pass on to his constituent, he works, so that none of his guarantees are lacking in justice”.

Strengthened by the courage that advocates have, August 11 becomes a call for collective confrontation to the challenges posed, always reiterating the essential role played by lawyers and lawyers for the improvement and sustainability of the justice system and the rule of law.

We must therefore remain, today and always, passionate and proud of what we do. Advocacy, after all, is to fall in love daily in overcoming challenges and solving problems, remaining unresolved in the permanent search for the best results, knowing that although long, the journey, in the end, will be successful.

By: Wilson Sales Belchior

[i] Available at: <http://www.planalto.gov.br/ccivil_03/leis/lim/LIM.-11-08-1827.htm>.


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