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Law and innovation – disruption in legal services


Technological innovations promote changes in all sectors of the economy and society.

Technological innovations promote changes in all sectors of the economy and society. Disruption occurs when one observes the transformation of a market caused by business models with alternative benefits to what used to be expected in these spaces. This, however, is not unanimous, as there are different attitudes, such as dogmatic rejection, euphoria, adaptation and those aimed at taking advantage of a certain window of opportunity.

This is explained, among other aspects, by the challenges created. In the area of ​​legal services, professionals are required to have interdisciplinary knowledge and new skills, allowing for the proper handling of these solutions, meeting the specific needs of corporations and natural persons, in addition to their contribution to the regulatory debate.

The developments of technological innovations are multiple. Different types of demands appear more and more quickly, alongside initiatives to improve efficiency in the delivery of services, tools supported by Artificial Intelligence and automation to reduce the time dedicated to repetitive tasks, thus requiring adaptation and an entrepreneurial posture.

Legal design has become a recurring expression for organizing creative and effective solutions to complex problems, while legal management approaches data and indicator analysis, such as Key Performance Indicator (KPY) and Objectives and Key Results (OKR ). At the same time, the adaptation of legal education aimed at new skills and soft skills is discussed, as well as the possibilities and ethical limits of digital marketing in legal practice.

The benefits of applying these innovations to legal services are multiple and varied: productivity gains in routine management, risk-based approaches, resource savings, improvement in procedures, consistency in relationships, organization of more assertive insights for strategic decision making, conflict prevention, among others.

Therefore, it is necessary to deepen the debate about these changes and challenges, observing the potential for significant transformations in legal services, building, negotiated and collectively, with the participation of the actors involved and the affected parties, the balance between innovation and ethical limits , regulatory and normative.

By: Wilson Sales Belchior


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