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Balcão Virtual starts operations at the Federal Court of the 1st Region


Yesterday, 03/22/2021, the Virtual Counter started operating in the first jurisdiction level of the Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region (TRF-1). In this way, direct interaction through voice and video is allowed between the secretariats of the courts of the 14 judicial sections and the parties, their attorneys and interested third parties. The rules of operation of the service in the TRF-1 are presented in Normative Instruction No. 01/2021 that regulates this type of service.


It is a videoconference tool, available on the Courts’ websites, which allows, during the hours of service to the public, immediate contact with the service sector of each judicial unit. This virtual service will take place through synchronous communication and in regions with a notorious technological infrastructure through asynchronous communication, according to the regulations of the National Council of Justice.


In the Federal Court of the 1st Region, Balcão Virtual will use the “Microsoft Teams” solution with real-time service, without the need for prior scheduling. The access link will be available on the website of the judicial sections, preferably next to the telephones and electronic addresses of each judicial unit, and the applicant must wait for the service order in the waiting room. In addition, in proceedings in progress in secrecy of justice, assistance will only be provided after the identity of the party or the attorney with a power of attorney or substitution in the records is proven.


In the event of temporary unavailability of the Balcão Virtual, which will be reported on the website of the judicial sections of the Federal Justice of the 1st Region, the service may be carried out through another technological solution available to the judicial unit, telephone, or asynchronous means of communication (and -mail or messaging applications), in which case the response to the requester will occur within two business days.


In addition to the TRF-1, the São Paulo Court of Justice has already initiated a pilot project with the participation of some units of first and second degrees of jurisdiction and the Federal Regional Court of the 2nd Region where it is possible to use the virtual 12 pm service at 17h, using the technological solution “Zoom”.


Wilson Sales Belchior


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