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National Council of Justice launches application to support people from the prison system


Virtual Social Office application (ESVirtual)

The National Council of Justice (CNJ) launches today, 04/20/2021, the Virtual Social Office (ESVirtual) application. The objective is to expand the offer of services available to the person egressed from the prison system and their family members, along with policies to support the resumption of freedom. The application was developed in partnership with the Research Support Foundation of the Federal District and the University of Brasilia.


The application’s functionalities allow procedural monitoring of the sentence through integration with the Electronic Unified Execution System, access to free free courses, content aimed at generating work and income, access to public policies (housing, health and food), as well as qualification and professional referral in the “Start Again” program.


In addition, the application uses georeferencing in order to facilitate the user’s location of services in the network of public social facilities, such as, for example, health units, social services, shelters, community restaurants, places where free legal assistance and assistance are provided. obtaining basic civil documentation.


Social Offices with face-to-face service are located in different municipalities in the five regions of the country. Launched in 2019, the methodology proposes to add different services, such as referral to the social protection network, issuing documents and facilitating professional opportunities.


The initiative is part of the Doing Justice Program, a partnership between the CNJ and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), whose objective is to overcome the structural challenges associated with deprivation of liberty in Brazil, including the qualification of steps in the criminal cycle and of the socio-educational cycle. It thus aligns itself with the “Goal 16 – Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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