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Minister Alexandre de Moraes determines investigation into leakage of personal data from authorities


Data leakage

After the news that among the millions of people who had their data leaked in the security incident, released in January 2021, there would be national authorities, such as the President of the Republic and the Ministers of the Supreme Federal Court, Minister Luiz Fux, president of that Court, sent a letter requesting the adoption of measures to Minister Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur of Inquiry 4781, which investigates violations that affect the safety of the STF and its members.

At the same time, within the scope of that Inquiry, it was determined to prepare, by an expert appointed in the case file, a report on the leakage of personal and confidential information from STF Ministers and other authorities. In the report, four electronic addresses were pointed out, in which personal data of authorities would be being marketed, three of them located in forums on the deep web and the other with the identification of the responsible person outlined.

Therefore, it was recognized that “the commercialization of private and confidential information and data of members of this Court directly affects the privacy, privacy and personal security of its members. There is, therefore, a need to stop injury or threat of injury right (art. 5, XXXV, CF), in order to interrupt the incentive to break institutional normality ”.

Thus, there was the determination in Minister Alexandre de Moraes’ order for the aforementioned report to be assessed for autonomous and confidential processing in the “Petição” (PET) procedural class, used to proceed with procedural files that do not have a specific classification, nor are incidental or procedural incidents of other ongoing actions. The process, for prevention, will also be reported by Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

The Rapporteur Minister also ordered the case to be sent to the Federal Police in order to initiate an investigation and investigation of the facts, with personal testimony from the person responsible for one of the electronic addresses and all other measures necessary to block the others, including determination so that the companies that own search engines remove all mentions of the sites that would be commercializing personal data of authorities.

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