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STF creates committee to adapt to LGPD


(PT) Resolução nº 724/2021

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) instituted the Executive Committee for Data Protection (CEPD) through Resolution No. 724/2021 with a view to making the STF effective as a “Digital Constitutional Court”. The main purpose of CEPD is to identify and implement the measures necessary to bring the Court into line with the requirements of the LGPD. The Committee, linked to the presidency of the STF, will be composed of representatives of the different units of the Court, also allowing the invitation of specialists, internal and external, to participate in meetings.


CEPD’s duties involve the diagnosis of data flows through the evaluation of existing treatment and protection mechanisms, in order to subsidize the organization of an action plan with a view to the Court’s compliance with the LGPD. In this regard, the Committee may propose policies, strategies and goals, in addition to formulating and regulating principles and guidelines in order to maintain adherence to good practices in this area.


In the process of adapting the Court to the LGPD, the Committee will promote the exchange of information on the protection of personal data with other bodies and institutions, including the ANPD. Provisions were also made for the dissemination of specialized knowledge in privacy and data protection, such as, for example, providing guidance, holding events, organizing courses and presenting studies that qualify the STF teams.


In the other Brazilian Courts, the National Council of Justice regulated the institution of a national standard for the protection of personal data (Recommendation nº 73/2020) and the measures aimed at facilitating the process of adaptation to LGPD by the Judiciary, with the exception of the STF ( Resolution No. 363/2021). Thus, the corresponding normative acts indicated the creation of the Personal Data Protection Management Committee and the activities that need to be adopted in order to achieve compliance with the LGPD.


Wilson Sales Belchior


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