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Pernambuco Court of Justice regulates the use of Whatsapp to communicate procedural acts


The Court of Justice of Pernambuco regulated in March 2021 the use of Whatsapp Business and Whatsapp Web, which will be released upon the request of the manager responsible for the judicial unit in the ICT sector. The objective is to establish a new form of institutional communication between the Judiciary and the external public, as well as the performance of procedural acts with the jurisdiction, parts of the process and public bodies, with the use for other purposes being prohibited.


Normative Instruction No. 01/2021 considered the need to reduce expenses with the dispatch of letters and notices of receipt, together with the results of the survey “Panorama Mobile Time / Opinion Box on mobile messaging” indicating the popularity of the main applications among the Brazilians: Whatsapp (98%); Instagram (81%), Facebook Menssenger (74%), Telegram (45%) and Signal (12%).


Requests for expediting expedients, requesting the conclusion of proceedings, scheduling in person attendance, procedural information, expediting permits, qualification of lawyers, requests for urgent protection, among others aimed at facilitating the population’s contact with the judicial units will continue to be done primarily through the “TJPE Atende” application.


Whatsapp Business accounts will be identified as “public service”, personalized with information regarding office hours, unit and sector at TJPE, in addition to standard messages of greeting and absence. Such accounts will operate on a personal mobile device, under the sole responsibility of the holder, until they are provided by the Court with a mobile phone line and institutional smartphones.


In addition, the use of the Whatsapp Web application will require the signing of a Term of Responsibility and Consent, whereby the servers attest to the knowledge about the monitoring of all communication that travels on the internal network of the TJPE, including when associated with a particular device, in order to establish protection measures against information security incidents.


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