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Application in the Federal District allows emergency assistance to victims of domestic violence


(PT) Aplicativo Viva Flor.

Launched in March 2021, the “Viva Flor” application, an initiative resulting from a technical cooperation agreement signed between the TJDFT, the Public Ministry and other institutions, allows emergency assistance to victims of domestic violence, in cases classified as extreme risk. It is a preventive security system aimed at women who are under the protection of an emergency protective measure.


The application allows the police authority to be triggered by touching the home screen of the cell phone, receiving the victim from there priority assistance in an emergency situation in the territorial limits of the Federal District. To participate in this program, essential criteria are – deferral of the protective measure; victim’s interest in participating in the program, guaranteeing the confidentiality of its inclusion; possession of smartphone with Android operating system and uninterrupted internet.


The main purpose, according to the initiative’s organizers, is to provide women in situations of domestic and family violence with yet another protection tool. In this way, it is intended to ensure not only inspection with regard to compliance with protective measures, but also the guarantee and absolute priority in emergency care.


After the application is installed, the program participants are contacted monthly by the Secretariat for Information Management of the Public Security Secretariat of the Federal District in order to monitor the case and verify the occurrence of complications. Once any unusual situations are found, the information is sent to the Judiciary for adoption of the appropriate measures.


This is a very relevant initiative considering, for example, that in the year 2021 the Data Panel of the National Ombudsman for Human Rights registered 75,753 complaints in the vulnerable group “Domestic and family violence against women”. Phenomenon that needs to be combated and emphatically rejected by the whole society.


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