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Judicial Intelligence Center starts operating in April


The Judicial Branch Intelligence Center (CIPJ) starts operating from the virtual meeting scheduled for April 6, 2021, having been installed in the previous month. The body is formed by Minister Luiz Fux, President of the CNJ, Minister Maria Cristina Peduzzi, President of the TST, Minister Paulo de Tarso Sanseverino, of the STJ, magistrates of Courts of Justice and Federal Regional Courts, with indication in a rotation system, every two years.


The CIPJ was created in October 2020 with the purpose of identifying and proposing adequate treatment of strategic or repetitive and mass demands in the Brazilian Judiciary. It consists of two groups, one decision-making, the other operational, the first being responsible for setting the CIPJ’s work guidelines and deciding on the technical notes sent to it by the second.


Among its competencies are strategic conflict management (preventing the filing of repetitive demands by identifying the causes of litigation at the national level; medication and reconciliation policies and actions), standardization of procedures (management of suspended proceedings for admission of IRDR or allocation of processes for the judgment of repetitive appeals or extraordinary appeals with general repercussion; taxonomy criteria for the classification of repetitive or mass demands; standardization of procedures and routines) and the management of knowledge (referral of information to the Superior Courts). repercussions of repeated legal issues).


The achievement of the objective of improving the flow of processing of repetitive demands will count on the support of a network of local Intelligence Centers, which will be installed in the Courts of Justice, Judicial Sections and Regional Labor Courts, with interlocution organized by CIPJ. The CNJ expects, in effect, to improve the jurisdictional provision, increasing access to justice and achieving the reasonable duration of the process.


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