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Tribunal Regional Federal da 5ª Região institui Política de Proteção de Dados Pessoais


(PT) Tratados pela Justiça Federal da 5ª Região

The TRF-5 instituted the Personal Data Protection Policy covering any processing operation carried out by the states’ Judicial Sections and by the Court itself. The objective is to ensure the systematic and effective management of these operations and the rights of the holders, in addition to providing support for critical operations and minimizing identified risks. To this end, guidelines, principles and powers applicable to the jurisdictional and administrative activities of those judicial bodies were established.


The Policy stipulates that the treatment activities will be subject to the obtaining of consent by the respective holders when they go beyond the scope of the jurisdictional function, while in the fulfillment of their legal competences, this procedure is dispensed with. In addition, the availability and consultation by interested parties of the specific discipline for the protection of personal data to which contracts with third parties will be submitted is ensured.


Personal data handled by the Federal Justice of the 5th Region must be protected, registering authorizations, use, impacts and violations; kept available, accurate, appropriate, relevant and up-to-date; rectified upon the finding of impropriety or removal request; and eliminated when they are no longer needed.


The sharing of personal data is limited to the exercise of judicial functions and compliance with applicable public policies, with the entities that compose it being responsible for maintaining the registration of the sharing. The shared use of data, in turn, will be made in compliance with legal or regulatory obligations.


The Judicial Sections of the states must designate the respective Officers, establish their local documents, adopt security measures and good practices, prepare an Impact Report and institute Personal Data Protection Management Committees. These will be responsible for a set of duties aimed at local management and regulation of the protection of personal data. In addition, the Committee will also define the procedures for monitoring compliance with the Policy instituted by the TRF-5.


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