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International Women’s Day is time to reaffirm defense of equality and diversity


On March 8, there is an urgent need to move forward with the recognition of diversity as a value that needs to be present in the organizational culture, inside and outside the legal services sector; face the unfolding of a historical trajectory of inequalities; reject all expressions of misogyny, sexism and machismo; and implement practices and initiatives that promote diverse and inclusive environments.

The circumstances of the last few months, especially the increase in gender-based violence, show, with greater force, the urgency for the defense of women’s rights to be permanent. Therefore, the mobilization for the affirmation of rights, the struggle for economic and political equality and the rejection of all forms of violence and discrimination are urgent.

Conquest of spaces of representation also integrates the objectives of confrontation gathered in the message of this day. In advocacy, an important achievement in this regard was gender parity in the OAB elections, determining that the slates must be formed by 50% women. Relevant progress towards institutional improvement and, more especially, to Brazilian lawyers, ensuring the possibility of participation and representation.

It is important to remember, in this sense, an excerpt from the vote of Minister Fachin in ADI 5.617 / DF “equality between men and women requires not only that women be guaranteed equal opportunities, but also that they be empowered by an environment that allows them to achieve equality of results ”. This is because “the empowerment of women and their full participation, on an equal basis, in all social fields, including participation in the decision-making process and access to power, are fundamental to the achievement of equality, development and peace”, as stipulated in the Declaration of the Fourth World Conference on Women.

Finally, the most important part of the celebration involved on this 8th of March is its emancipatory meaning. The formal and material guarantee of women’s autonomy and equality, the call for a society to be organized without gender discrimination. In advocacy, in particular, ensuring leadership spaces and positions for women is an imperative that reflects the public commitment to the achievement of equality and diversity.

Wilson Sales Belchior


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