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New rules for digital vehicle documents begin to apply


Contran Resolution No. 809/2020 came into force last Monday (04/01/2021)

The National Traffic Council (CONTRAN) through Resolution No. 809/2020, which came into effect on January 4, 2021, regulated the issuance of documents in digital media. In particular, the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate in digital media (CRLV-e), the Authorization for Transfer of Vehicle Ownership in digital media (ATPV-e) and the vehicle sales communication forms.

The CRLV-e will contain in a single document the Vehicle Registration Certificate (CRV) and the Annual Licensing Certificate (CLA). It will only be issued after the settlement of DPVAT Insurance and debts related to taxes, charges and traffic and environmental fines, linked to the vehicle. The document may be presented, for inspection purposes, in the digital version, available in the official applications of the Federal Government, or in the printed version, on plain white A4 paper, both validated by QR Code, generated from a specific algorithm, composed of the data of the National Registry of Motor Vehicles (RENAVAM).

ATPV-e, substitute for the Single Transfer Document (DUT), is the proof of transfer of ownership of the vehicle, made available by the service channels of the traffic agencies, containing the identifying data of the vehicle owner, the buyer, the vehicle itself and the QR Code. It should be noted, however, that ATPV-e will only be released to vehicles registered as of January 4, 2021, except in cases of duplicate dispatch or upon request from the owner.

In addition, the signing of ATPV-e may occur electronically, when such functionality exists, allowing the establishment of other means to authenticate the identification of the parties by the transit agencies. The printed version of the document, in turn, must be signed and contain the notarized signature of the seller and buyer, which also applies to the ATPV, contained on the back of the valid CRV, issued in physical medium.

The communication of the sale of the vehicle, in the case of ATPV-e, will be made through an electronic system using a digital signature or certificate, by the state transit agency, according to procedures defined by the same, or by a public or private entity, expressly authorized by the CONTRAN. Otherwise, in the case of printed ATPV-e or ATPV on the back of a valid CRV, the former owner must forward the authenticated and duly completed copy of the referred documents to the transit agency where the vehicle is registered.

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