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Artificial Intelligence, Advocacy and Lawtechs – Part 4


The expressive number of Brazilian lawtechs interested in automating everyday and bureaucratic activities coincides with the purpose of delivering the solutions required by customers, in the shortest time and with the highest possible quality. In this way, there are benefits related to the preparation of documents, control of the performance of internal routines, conflict prevention and, consequently, an increase in the efficiency of offices and legal departments.

These benefits are related to the categories that bring about innovations to optimize workflow and day-to-day tasks, with support, in some cases, for data mining and legal analytics. This allows the capture of relevant information, contributing to the elaboration of particular solutions aimed at stakeholders, as well as analyzing this data, in order to support legal strategies, risk management and the decision-making process.

In addition, these utilities are realized in the domain and in-depth knowledge of everything that happens in the offices and legal departments, an essential ingredient for the managers’ decisions to be improved, ascertaining the need and intensity of repositioning the management model, with the help of the technological competences provided by Artificial Intelligence directed to the design of innovative solutions.

Indeed, the breadth of these innovations is a practical challenge that requires caution in regulatory activity. Respect for guarantees to human persons, technical requirements, legal and regulatory compliance and the development of mechanisms that allow external audits should be pursued, in order to ensure adherence to the aforementioned limits.

Balance goes through interdisciplinary discussion, focused on practice, considering the necessary flexibility in the face of the rapid and continuous evolution of these technologies. Therefore, it is necessary to find negotiated and collectively, with the participation of the actors involved and the affected parties, a balance between private advocacy activities and innovation, guaranteeing legal security for all the parties involved.

By: Wilson Sales Belchior


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